References: Linguistics
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Linguistics is important in the context of text anonymization. There is no point of publishing data through some "WikiLeaks" or "Human Rights Watch", if the data itself reveals the party that initiates the publishing of the data, unless the publishing initiator is willingly on a suicide mission and is willing to accept torture of itself and its loved ones and is willing to accept the murder of its loved ones. 

If the loved ones are likely to get murdered or tortured anyway, then publishing data at the cost of  bringing the loved ones to the extra attention of the repressionists does not worsen their situation, but it MIGHT give them a better chance of not being tortured/murdered or it might break the cycle of absolutely everybody adhering to the will of the repressionists. The publishing of the data might not even win the battle, but even slightly weakening the positions of the enemy is good enough, because the slight weakening activity of many, non-cooperating, parties can accumulate and eventually make it possible to win the overall war. Historical example: the economic collapse of the Soviet Union.