Reference: List of Routing Protocols
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In a town there are probably multiple routes, how to drive or walk or ride from one house to another. The route from one house to another depends on the addressing of the houses, but finding a route from one house to another is a totally separate task from the addressing of the houses. The same with network traffic. The way  computers, programs within the computers, are addressed is important and an addressing scheme may facilitate or impede computationally efficient route calculation, but the development of routing algorithms is a totally separate task from the development of addressing schemes. There can be multiple routing algorithms for a single addressing scheme.

General Issues with Radio link Based mesh Networks

If the nodes use omnidirectional antennae, then they can be jammed. If the nodes are based on cellphones or laptops, then the relaying of mesh network traffic drains their batteries. A citation from Serval project 2012_05 social studies report: "First, the range between two phones needs to be extended much further than 60 meters if the technology is to be used to connect communities to outside services. Second, the technology must include security measures to ensure that sensitive information cannot be hacked and misused. If such an incident occurred, community users would quickly lose their trust in the technology and uptake and use would be difficult to regain."


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