Reference: List of File Sharing Software
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File Transfer Protocols

A file is a series of bytes combined with attributes like file name, file access descriptors, etc. As a series of bytes can be converted to a string form and back, any protocol that allows to transfer text is also a file transfer protocol(not to be confused with the FTP.).

The list of file transfer protocols here is far from being complete.

File Sharing Software

In the context of the current section the creation of point-to-point connections is not considered File Sharing, unless the creation of the point-to-point connections is a subtask of one-to-many publishing.

Closed Source File Sharing Software

In the case of closed source software statements about lack of backdoors, lack of malware, respect of end user privacy, respect of end user anonymity tend to be practically impossible to verify. Closed source P2P-software, including file sharing software, can mask its participation in an DDoS-attack as an innocent P2P-traffic.

Nonanonymous Server Storage Based File Sharing