Reference: List of Distributed Filesystems
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The main purpose of a distributed filesystem is to allow the creation of folders that contain more data than a RAID of a single computer is able to store. Redundance is not the primary requirement, only a mean for increasing the reliability of a distributed filesystem instance. It is OK, even preferential, for the distributed filesystem implementation to use unencrypted connections between computers, because if the encryption of the connections is left to encrypted tunnel implementations like the SSH tunnels, then it is possible to upgrade the encryption software without having to modify the distributed filesystem implementation.

Redundancy Oriented Distributed Filesystems

Another name for a redundancy oriented distributed filesystem is "distributed storage". They might be useful for small volume backups, provided that the stored files are placed to a set of tar-files to hide some of the metadata and the tar-files are encrypted before upload and the decryption key is kept secret.

Redundancy Oriented Distributed Filesystem Business Projects