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It's an European Union funded(about 8*10^6 € in 2008 money, archival_copy) academic project that has a P2P-sub-component. It is a USELESS PROJECT from freedom of speech point of view, because the main technical problem that it tries to solve is to make it convenient to use DRM("Digital Rights Management") for old-fashioned copyright based extortion. The core idea of DRM is to use selective censorship for extortion.

As of 2020_09 it is a de facto closed source software. A citation(archival_copy, archive_org_copy)"source code of the AXMEDIS Framework is accessible by the AXMEDIS Affiliation programme. The affiliation fee is affordable for all. Alternatively affiliation can also be offered in return for contributions to improve and/or extend the AXMEDIS Framework;"

Basically, bunch of academics figured out, how to create their own multi-million-euro closed source software project without paying for it themselves.