Philosophy: Why is Privacy Useful
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Some Definitions that are used in this Silktorrent wiki

Privacy of a person is a state, where information about that person is not accessible to other parties that have not been explicitly and voluntarily designated by that person to have access to that information.

The word "private" is an adjective that describes the existence of the privacy in some context.

Having access to information set X differs from knowing information set X, because people do not know everything by heart, but people can store unencrypted information. Having access to information set X differs from receiving information set X, because the information set X might be stored by a 3. party just like a public library is accessible to everyone, but the people, who can walk into a public library building and have access to the books do not need to receive the books to their own book collection.

Criminal activity is an activity that the supermafia declares intolerable. For example, running a private business was considered a criminal activity in the Soviet Union. As of 2020 protesters, who protest against the king/sultan of the Saudi Arabia, are literally executed by chopping off their heads with a sword. In 2020 informing Chinese people about democracy and the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre is a de facto criminal activity according to the Beijing supermafia. Gay sex is considered a criminal activity in 2020 Iran and Egypt. Revealing murders of journalists and civilians by the U.S. military is considered a criminal activity by the Washington supermafia. Democratically competing against the Kremlin elite is a de facto criminal activity in 2015 Russia. 

Why is Privacy Useful

In essence having privacy is like taking cover in a firearms based shootout. The main usefulness of privacy is that it allows to secretly conduct activities that the rest of the population or part of the rest of the population does not want to happen. For example, it allows the study of subjects and topics that the rest of the population would prefer to censor. As being different from the rest of the herd members tends to get punished at a social herd, privacy allows to make choices that differ from those of the others without receiving the punishment from the others. That allows the herd members to obtain skills that they would otherwise not be able to obtain. That in turn makes the herd more versatile, which increases the survival probability of the herd as a whole. 

Intellectuality and Autonomy

Recognizing one's needs is an intellectual activity. For example, a cow has a basic need to get nutrients, but it probably can not understand that in order to eat during winter there is a need to move to south or to store hay while it is still available. The ability to see, how one task depends on the completion of other tasks requires intellectual capabilities. The greater the intellectual capabilities, the better the recognition of task dependencies, sub-tasks. The greater the capability to recognize sub-tasks, the greater the probability of being able to complete the main task. The greater the capability to complete tasks, the greater the capability to get by alone. The greater the capability to get by alone, the greater the autonomy. The greater the autonomy, the smaller is the need to run with the herd. The smaller is the need to run with the herd, the greater is the probability that some decision of the herd is less optimal than some decision that the herd did not make. The more activities there are that differ from the activities of the herd, the greater the probability that at least some of the activities are considered criminal by the herd leadership, supermafia. The more criminal activities there are, the greater the need for privacy. 

That is to say smarter people are more autonomous and due to their autonomous activities need more privacy than dumber people. It's not possible to conclude, whether smarter people are quantitatively more criminal than dumber one, but qualitatively it tends to be so that the dumber ones are not political dissidents and some of the smarter ones are and the smartest of the political dissidents do not get caught.