List of Similar Projects
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General Background

The search phrase is "P2P cloud storage".

Wikipedia entry.

Live Projects

NexentaStor,, Space Monkey, CloudFleet, bluzelleHolochain(GitHub account),

Coral Content Distribution NetworkFreenet, Cryptosphere, Tox,

Outernet/Othernet is a WiFi router that serves pages that have been saved from a satellite stream(keywords: Lathern)

I2PNetsukuku WiFi network, RetroShare, OneSwarm, FidoNet

Ceph(probably needs serious security related work before use),

The Free Network Foundation (Introduction) 

Conquelicot (archival copy of the introduction), coquelicot-0.9.5.tar.gz, .asc

InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), Storj, Blockstack, Jami,

ZeroNet, BigchainDB, Nextcloud, Hermivore, OnionShare

WebTorrent (is decentralized, but lacks anonymity), 

SyncthingVuvuzela(paper_1), Ricochet, Dissent,

Aqua/Herd Project (paper_1paper_2, 2016_09_02_src, deployment_grant_summary, local_copy_of_deployment_grant_summary),

Cloudy(archival copy) and its origin (archival copy)

CATS (archival copy), (archival copy), SerfMaidSafe, Freifunk (archival copy), Sia(archival copy), 

GitTorrent(archival copy) , Keybase, Beaker,

Ring(, Secushare, PPIO, Riffle,  WINGSMesh,

Freedombone(its list of references to other projects),

Project Byzantium, Commotion, PirateBox, Magic Wormhole,


Pastry,, Askemos, libp2p, Tribler,

invisibleNETMANET, Serval, Mule, CoyIM

Failed or Otherwise dead Projects

JXSEWuala(archive), ANts P2P(archival copysrc)
Phantom Anonymization ProjectInfinitPalabreStealthNet(archival copy, local copy)
MUTE(archival copysrc)Symform (before shutdown, shutdown message),

Antiquity, Chrimera, OceanStoreWASTE(archival copy2017_02 source),

Gazzera(freenet url to an archival copy of its former SourceForge home page, which also has an archival copy

The Gazzera has/had a Google Group Forum (archival copy of the forum)

Mango(archival copy), Mixminion(archival copy, GitHub), BubbleStorm(GitHub),

Mixmaster, Publius(archival copy), giFT Project,  SpoVNet(archival copy), Tent,


Implementation Component Candidates

Apache Kafka , tcpcrypt, NZBGet 

Some Relevant Collections and References

P2P FoundationPlanet, OpenBazaar

Collections that have gone Offline 

Projects that aim to Solve a Different Problem, but are Technology wise Interesting References

z-cach, AKASHA, Ethereum, Dash, PSYC,

Doe Bay Internet Users Association(,archival copy, 2016 introduction at YouTube),

PrivateBin and ZeroBin

Gfarm virtual file system for clusters,

Belenios verifiable online voting system 

Some Projects that Have Similar Ideology

  • Project "I Am the Cavalry" looks for software flaws in medical devices and other safety critical systems.