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     3      3   <div>That issue has to be solved after Silktorrent as a software project is
     4         -complete.&nbsp;</div>
            4  +complete. The thing to keep in mind with that project is that if one were to
            5  +create a simple, plain, screw in stead of a computer system, then one would
            6  +probably fail to do it without depending on others, without trading, because
            7  +metal for the screw either has to come from something recycled or has to be
            8  +bought from somebody else, unless one starts to think, how to mine iron ore and
            9  +process it, which is inaccessibly huge task and requires huge investments to
           10  +mining equipment or travelling. Therefore the <b>production of custom hardware
           11  +depends on free movement of physical goods</b>, which can be effectively
           12  +limited, as the Soviet Union era demonstrated. The 2. World War and Soviet
           13  +Union era also demonstrated that it is possible to hide/store equipment,
           14  +weapons, books, blue-black-white flags to areas, that are not bombed to the
           15  +ground. It is a FACT that by mere chance some of those items, including
           16  +functional firearms, survived even while being stored at people's homes.
           17  +Therefore before starting to develop any doomsday-custom-hardware, <b>"warm
           18  +summers of open trade-routes" must be used for storing electronic equipment for
           19  +surviving "foodless frozen winters of closed trade-routes"</b>. Electronic
           20  +equipment has to be literally stored in refrigerators to slow down the
           21  +diffusion within the components and at some point they have to be replaced with
           22  +new batches, both, for technical upgrade reasons and for replacing probably
           23  +"more diffused" components with "less diffused" components. To do that
           24  +economically the old equipment must be usable with modern software, which means
           25  +that the new software has to be very efficient to be able to run on the old
           26  +hardware. The first candidates for storing are various Raspberry Pi like
           27  +computers.</div>
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