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Changes to "Experiment: mmmv_silkexec: Deprecated Version 1" between 2017-03-19 20:34:19 and 2017-03-19 20:47:44

     9      9   tools at the very start of the project. Bash is extremely primitive, if
    10     10   compared to Ruby. <font color="#ff0000">If information is exchanged by using
    11     11   console arguments, then the huge and complex and error prone macro processing
    12     12   task comes in.</font>&nbsp;Repeated reinitialization of a complex tool, an
    13     13   interpreter, wastes a lot of computational resources. The next version might
    14     14   address those problems by by following changes:</p>
    15     15   
    16         -<p>
           16  +<p></p>
    17     17   <ul>
           18  +<li>All the simple bash scripts and text files are joined into a single Ruby
           19  +file that stores the values at some instance of a derived class.</li>
           20  +<li>Folder structure is somehow unified with the mmmv development project
           21  +folder structure style, id est src/dev_tools/Rakefile, etc.</li>
           22  +<li>The development Rakefile can call mmmv_silkexec for paths of dependencies.</li>
           23  +<li>To avoid a situation, where a replacement of a leaf can trigger the
           24  +replacement of a whole branch of a tree, the silkexapp immediate dependencies
           25  +are not encoded into the silkexapp itself, but the dependence graph is
           26  +maintained dynamically by using silkexapp internal tests. The silkexapp
           27  +declares only a list of type_ID_s of its immediate dependencies. The
           28  +dependencies are declared according to the dependency calculator specification
           29  +of the Kibuvits Ruby Library, id est dependencieas are declared in the style of
           30  +(A or B or C) &amp; (D or C or E) &amp; (blabla). To allow a future package to
           31  +replace more than one old package, each silkexapp can have a whole set of
           32  +type_IDs.&nbsp;</li>
    18     33   <li><br>
    19     34   </li>
    20         -</ul></p>
           35  +</ul>
           36  +
           37  +<p></p>
    21     38   
    22     39   <p><br>
    23     40   </p>
    24     41   
    25     42   <p><br>
    26     43   </p>
    27     44