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     5      5   but P2P technology is outlawed and the encrypted P2P data streams are
     6      6   blocked/banned or require licensing.&nbsp;<i>(The majority of the people just
     7      7   accept whatever is coming to them. That fact alone guarantees that if the
     8      8   P2P-ban is applied before the passive masses start to depend on it in their
     9      9   daily lives, then any attempt to explain that the world could be different if
    10     10   there were no P2P-ban, is a totally lost battle. The possibility to "license" a
    11     11   P2P-protocol allows Skype to continue working, while allowing BitTorrent and
    12         -Tor to be banned.)</i></div>
           12  +Tor to be banned. Games can reroute their updates through Skype and the
           13  +"license" of the Skype P2P protocol requires Skype to apply state censorship to
           14  +whatever is being routed through Skype.)</i></div>
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    14     16   <div><br>
    15     17   </div>
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    17     19   <div><b>Countermeasures: create private physical networks that do not depend on
    18     20   traditional Internet Service Providers (ISP-s). As those will also probably be
    19     21   outlawed or bugged by law, just like the 2016 traditional ISP-s are bugged, the