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    27     27   <b style="">P_leaker</b>) teaches an other person (hereafter: <b>P_public</b>)
    28     28   the material that the P_leaker wants to be leaked and the P_public writes the
    29     29   publishable text that contains the data that is subject to leaking. That
    30     30   solution does not offer anonymity to P_leaker even, if the P_public were
    31     31   skilled, willing and rigorous enough to keep the identity of the P_leaker a
    32     32   secret, because the P_public can be captured and set to delirium with
    33     33   chemicals, unless the <b>P_public is not a real person, but just a copy of a
    34         -software agent</b>, a lot like speech synthesis software is.&nbsp;</div>
           34  +software agent</b>, a lot like speech synthesis software is. As meaning depends
           35  +on context and the context is determined by the available data that describes
           36  +the context, the agent instances of different leakers may start to differ,
           37  +consequently allowing the identification of the P_leaker, but that issue can be
           38  +mitigated by making "personality data", world_knowledge, context of the agent
           39  +P_public available over some anonymization network, may be Tor, if there are
           40  +enough users than may be even some plain P2P file sharing network.&nbsp;</div>
           41  +
           42  +<div><br>
           43  +</div>
           44  +
           45  +<div>Many of the subcomponents of such an agent, the P_public, are probably the
           46  +same as are the subcomponents of the linguistics based search engine.
           47  +Therefore, by working on a modular version of the linguistics based search
           48  +engine one works also on that linguistics based anonymization software.</div>
    35     49   
    36     50   <div><br>
    37     51   </div>
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    39     53   <h1>References<br>
    40     54   </h1>
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