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    51     51   are often times public, which means that a passanger jet on a long flight can
    52     52   pass a Silktorrent packet wishlist to a regional flight in mid-air, the
    53     53   regional flight lands before the plane at the long flight, offloads the
    54     54   wishlist to ground based servers, those upload the request response to another
    55     55   regional flight that is expected to be at the range of the long-flight plane.
    56     56   That kind of arrangement can compensate for the lack of satellite bandwidth for
    57     57   whatever reason, economic, weather, space-weather, satellite maintenance, etc.
    58         -All the planning, routing, is fully automatic and all airports have internet
           58  +All the planning, routing, is fully automated and all airports have internet
    59     59   connections, WiFi-s, etc. anyways. Similar schemes can take place between
    60     60   trains, cars, lorries, ships. Buses and metro-trains and trams have relatively
    61     61   well predictable routes and schedules. Even taxis can participate. The routes
    62     62   of people, who use GPS-navigation at their cars are also known in advance,
    63     63   allowing further data packet route planning.</p>
    64     64   
    65     65   <p><br>
    66     66   </p>