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    15     15   <p>Silktorrent packets are tar-files that have a name that contains the size of
    16     16   the file and at least one cryptogaphically secure hash of that tar-file. The
    17     17   reason, why tar is used in stead of tar.gz, zip, xz, etc. is that multi-TiB
    18     18   files that consist of only regular patterns, may be all zeros or all ones, can
    19     19   be compressed to a very small file and that kind of file can be used for
    20     20   DoS-attacking computers that run software that unpacks the compression result.
    21     21   The Silktorret packet contains folders "header" and "payload". The folder
    22         -"header" contains a file "silktorrent_salt.txt" or "silktorrent_salt.blob",
    23         -which slightly salts also the size of the Silktorrent packet and allows the
    24         -same payload to be transported by different Silktorrent packets. The idea is
    25         -that when one package name is blacklisted by censors, the same payload can be
    26         -distributed by using a different Silktorrent packet.&nbsp;</p>
           22  +"header" contains a file "silktorrent_salt.txt", which is used for giving the
           23  +cryptographically secure hash of the tar-file a semirandom value and is &nbsp;used
           24  +as a padding to somewhat hide the minimum size of the payload. This allows a
           25  +single payload to have multiple Silktorrent packets. The idea is that when one
           26  +package name is blacklisted by censors, the same payload can be distributed by
           27  +using a different Silktorrent packet.&nbsp;</p>
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    28     29   <p><br>
    29     30   </p>
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    31     32   <h3>Optional Silktorrent Packet Header Fields</h3>
    32     33   
    33     34   <p>All of the files in the "header" folder are part of the tar-file and
    34     35   influence the secure hash of the tar-file. Secure hash algorithms do have
    35     36   collisions, but within the limits of those collisions the headers are
    36     37   inseparable from the Silktorrent packet. Silktorrent packet creation software
    37         -is allowed to add additional, implementation specific, files to the "header"
    38         -folder, provided that none of the implementation specific files in the "header"
    39         -folder has a name that starts with the prefix "silktorrent_". The optional,
    40         -"standard", files in the "header" folder are:</p>
           38  +is allowed to add additional, implementation specific, files to a folder called
           39  +"custom_headers" and the "custom_headers" must be a direct child folder of the
           40  +"header" folder. &nbsp;</p>
    41     41   
    42         -<p></p>
    43         -<ul>
    44         -<li>silktorrent_packet_suggested_deletion_date_t1.txt &nbsp;<font color="#ff0000">(TODO:
    45         -describe format after implementation contains the improvements.
    46         -<a href="./artifact/6caf32f071408c61">Currently</a> custom header files can not
    47         -be added, only the payload can be used, but it is possible to simulate the
    48         -header idea at some subfolder of the payload folder.)</font></li>
    49         -</ul>
    50         -
    51         -<p></p>
    52         -
    53         -<p><font color="#ff0000">(TODO: Chapter to be completed.)</font></p>
           42  +<p><br>
           43  +</p>
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    55     45   <p><br>
    56     46   </p>
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    58     48   <h2>Silktorrent Tunnels&nbsp;</h2>
    59     49   
    60     50   <p>The general idea is that there's a random graph, an addressing scheme for