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    79     79   data centers a vital military asset</b> and if target acquisition and
    80     80   situational awareness depends on those data centers, <b>it makes military sense
    81     81   to destroy the enemy's data centers at the very first hours of the war</b>. On
    82     82   the other hand, if global economy depended on the same data centers that are
    83     83   being used by militaries for data acquisition, then no supermafia would dare to
    84     84   blow up the data centers, because no sane supermafia wants to hurt the
    85     85   businesses of its own tax slaves. The CIA has already
    86         -<a href="">used that tactic for years</a>.</p>
           86  +<a href="">used that tactic for years</a><i>(<a href="./ainfo/2c5e20e0199e9873">local
           87  +copy</a>)</i>.</p>
    87     88   
    88     89   <p><br>
    89     90   </p>