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    56     56   All the planning, routing, is fully automated and all airports have internet
    57     57   connections, WiFi-s, etc. anyways. Similar schemes can take place between
    58     58   trains, cars, lorries, ships. Buses and metro-trains and trams have relatively
    59     59   well predictable routes and schedules. Even taxis can participate. The routes
    60     60   of people, who use GPS-navigation at their cars are also known in advance,
    61     61   allowing further data packet route planning.</p>
    62     62   
           63  +<p><br>
           64  +</p>
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           66  +<h1>Social Shield for Military Computer Clusters</h1>
           67  +
           68  +<p><b>To make fuel last longer, aircraft, drones included, must be as light as
           69  +possible.</b> Therefore the aircraft can not carry huge computer racks. In 21.
           70  +century warfare target detection is automated, including target detection by
           71  +using 3D radar images. If targets are small drones and droids and 3D radar
           72  +images cover whole cities, the data volume might not fit to the physically
           73  +small and light on-board computers of the light aircraft. The analysis of those
           74  +images might take more power than the physically light and small aircraft are
           75  +capable of producing or dissipating, specially, if they need to fly stealthily
           76  +without glowing in various spectrum regions. The solution is to offload the
           77  +data processing part to ground vehicles, ships, satellites. The data might be
           78  +relayed to huge data centers, where it is stored and processed. <b>That makes
           79  +data centers a vital military asset</b> and if target acquisition and
           80  +situational awareness depends on those data centers, <b>it makes military sense
           81  +to destroy the enemy's data centers at the very first hours of the war</b>. On
           82  +the other hand, if global economy depended on the same data centers that are
           83  +being used by militaries for data acquisition, then no supermafia would dare to
           84  +blow up the data centers, because no sane supermafia wants to hurt the
           85  +businesses of its own tax slaves. The CIA has already
           86  +<a href="">used that tactic for years</a>.</p>
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    64     89   </p>