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    18     18   <p>Probably one needs to write that from scratch, because 8bit MCUs are usually
    19     19   not used for executing cryptographically strong hash functions. The
    20     20   <a href="">MurMurHash</a> is not designed
    21     21   to be cryptographically strong, but it might give some ideas. The number of
    22     22   collisions must be maximized. The way to do it is to require a minimum of N
    23     23   bytes as an input and use some constants, when the input data is smaller. The
    24     24   constants can be pre-processed with input data before using them as inputs for
    25         -the hash function.</p>
           25  +the hash function. Different Hash function implementations can be evaluated by
           26  +counting the number of collisions that literally every 4B number has. The 4B
           27  +can address 4GiB, so results must be stored sparsely, may be by using a
           28  +histogram. Given that it's a fast C program that fits wholly to CPU-cache, the
           29  +calculation of the 4*2^9 values should take less than a minute.&nbsp;</p>
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