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    21     21   solve might be: <b>how to be useless for the exterminators and avoid being
    22     22   "collateral damage" for exterminators, who do not care to be economically
    23     23   rational.</b> May be the problem to solve is: <b>how to exterminate the
    24     24   extermination camp owners, without having any collateral damage.</b>&nbsp;May
    25     25   be in stead of a single problem there is a group of problems, like, <b>how to
    26     26   avoid being captured and how to destroy extermination camps.</b> &nbsp;May be
    27     27   in stead of a single group of independent problems, there are multiple sets of
    28         -problems that depend on each other within their respective sets of problems.</p>
           28  +problems that depend on each other within their respective sets of problems.&nbsp;</p>
           29  +
           30  +<p><br>
           31  +</p>
           32  +
           33  +<p>The thing to keep in mind, when defining a problem, is that <b>objective
           34  +functions depend on the culture of the person, who defines the objective
           35  +function.</b> If the objective function is defined, then the <b>questions for
           36  +looking for a way, how to drive the output of the objective function, also
           37  +depend on the culture of the person, who asks the questions.</b> Supposedly
           38  +that's the reason, why the American CIA failed to predict the collapse of the
           39  +Soviet Union. <i>(May be the CIA "failed" to predict it, because they were
           40  +afraid to loose their jobs that were mainly about spying after the Soviet
           41  +Union. Their counterpart, the KGB, had the problem that agents reported crap
           42  +data just to look more useful and tell their bosses more, what the bosses
           43  +wanted to hear.)</i></p>
    29     44   
    30     45   <p><br>
    31     46   </p>
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    33     48   <h1>Data for Analysis&nbsp;</h1>
    34     49   
    35     50   <p><br>
    36     51   </p>