Changes To Algorithm and Implementation
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Changes to "Algorithm and Implementation" between 2017-03-14 07:16:04 and 2017-03-14 07:39:26

    80     80   stored without storing the upload/creation time of the Silktorrent packet. If
    81     81   possible, the metadata of a message/letter, for example, the ID of the
    82     82   recipient, should be stored to a different server than the one, where the
    83     83   message/letter itself is stored.&nbsp;</p>
    84     84   
    85     85   <p>&nbsp;</p>
    86     86   
    87         -<p><br>
    88         -</p>
           87  +<p><font color="#ff0000">TODO: figure out some proper time-dependent ID-scheme</font>,
           88  +where the actual decryption key ID-s are derived by the message recipient by
           89  +using the message recipient temporary ID. The storage server would get only the
           90  +suggested_deletion_time, a binary ID-less blob and one ID that goes with the
           91  +blob. The recipient makes radix-sort style queries to the server, where the
           92  +query consists of a &nbsp;timeslot_ID_when_the_message_arrived_to_server,
           93  +something_for_the_query. It is possible to make queries also about time slots
           94  +that have ended, reside wholly in the past.<font color="#ff0000">&nbsp;As of
           95  +now it still remains to be seen, what the ID-scheme will look like.</font></p>
    89     96   
    90     97   <p><br>
    91     98   </p>