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     8      8   <p><font color="#ff0000">Currently this page is being edited.</font></p>
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    10     10   <h1>Architecture&nbsp;</h1>
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    12     12   <p>The details are described at the&nbsp;<a href="">upstream
    13     13   documentation</a>, which has a
    14     14   <a href="">mirror
    15         -zite</a><i>("zite" stands for "ZeroNet site"),</i> but&nbsp;</p>
           15  +zite</a><i>(a&nbsp;<b>"zite"</b> stands for "ZeroNet site"),</i> but the
           16  +general idea is that there is a ZeroNet specific document format, each
           17  +document, also called as a zite, is a folder with a "standardized" layout and
           18  +some other requirements, and as people surf the ZeroNet, the documents/zites
           19  +are downloaded by using the BitTorrent protocol and stored locally, at a local
           20  +server. The locally stored copies are used for local viewing and for serving to
           21  +others by using the BitTorrent protocol. The documents/zites are signed by
           22  +using public key cryptography and they can be "edited" by signing and
           23  +publishing a new version of the zite. Some of the documents are collectively
           24  +editable and that functionality allows the creation of forums<i>("ZeroTalk")</i>
           25  +and mail exchange portals<i>("ZeroMail")</i>.</p>
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