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    28     28   and people, who happened to work at the super-mafia financed institutions. The
    29     29   main target audience to be included to the Tier 2 Early Adopters is the various
    30     30   volunteers, voluntary firefighters, voluntary civil defense groups.</p>
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    32     32   <p><br>
    33     33   </p>
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    35         -<p>The&nbsp;</p>
           35  +<p>The Estonian Defense League Cyber Unit is basically, like all of the
           36  +Estonian Defense League, super-mafia financed hierarchical organization that is
           37  +officially a sub-branch of the Estonian super-mafia security department, the
           38  +Estonian Ministry of Defense. It is OK, even encouraged, for the&nbsp;Estonian
           39  +Defense League Cyber Unit people to have Silktorrent applications, if those can
           40  +be offered to them through some trusted personal contacts, without interacting
           41  +with the nasty super-mafia hierarchy directly, but offering Silktorrent
           42  +applications to them is probably more trouble than benefits. It is perfectly
           43  +OK, if only the more innovative people at the civil society have the
           44  +Silktorrent at their disposal. The rest will probably just have to drag along
           45  +at their own pace.&nbsp;</p>
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    37     47   <p><br>
    38     48   </p>