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    45     45   <div>After the storage part has been solved, the next project is long distance
    46     46   drones that are capable of flying undetected by any military equipment. The
    47     47   cargo of those drones is small electronic equipment, microchips, money. The
    48     48   money transfer is necessary even during peace time, because the Supermafia
    49     49   always gets the majority votes from slackers and otherwise idiots, who do not
    50     50   want to develop their own business and just jell that "the Government" should
    51         -rob the hardworking people and redistribute it to the slackers and the
    52         -executives of the banks are psychopathic poodles.</div>
           51  +rob the hardworking people and redistribute considerable percentage of the
           52  +robbed assets to the slackers. Unfortunately the top executives of the banks
           53  +are psychopathic poodles, who do not fight for the rights of banks to keep
           54  +their client's account details secret, nor do they do hardly anything to make
           55  +it possible to use the services of the banks for online trade without some
           56  +absolute nonsense legal burdens. The 2016 banking sector in Europe is just
           57  +plain disgusting.</div>
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