Changes To Experiment: Routing Protocol Implementation v01
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Changes to "Experiment: Routing Protocol Implementation v01" between 2016-12-10 04:06:26 and 2016-12-10 04:08:52

    44     44   
    45     45   <p>The trusted part of the code-running agents, their boot-up, and the
    46     46   Agent-god and the persistence agent communication module should be written in
    47     47   ParaSail. <b>Gateways to the internet, hardware, essentially singletons, have
    48     48   the same agent interface as the persistence agents have.</b> The routing
    49     49   calculation ParaSail code is a separate module, which might be linked with the
    50     50   persistence agent's agent interface. <b>The agent interface code will be the
    51         -integration code of the Babel software architecture.</b><br>
           51  +integration code of the Babel software architecture. </b>There will be one
           52  +agent-god per application and multiple agent-gods per computer, a bit like the
           53  +Greek had a lot of different gods.<br>
    52     54   </p>
    53     55   
    54     56   <p><br>
    55     57   </p>