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            1  +<p></p>
            2  +
            3  +<p><b>Silktorrent project must never depend on the ability to convince anybody.
            4  +Not even other software developers. Convincing is plan B, application in one's
            5  +own projects is the plan A.</b></p>
            6  +
     1      7   <p><br>
     2      8   </p>
     3      9   
     4     10   <p>For the majority of people the <b>Silktorrent applications as robustness
     5     11   oriented applications will never be able to compete with applications that are
     6     12   optimized for end user comfort</b>. There does not exist even a goal to make
     7     13   everybody use Silktorrent. The marketing scheme is that a small number of
    92     98   drink milk and get their milk from local grocery stores, need IT-security at
    93     99   the milking robot side, at the dairy, where milk packaging robots reside, at
    94    100   the computers of those people, who plan the logistics of the milk gathering, at
    95    101   the computers of the grocery store officials, who order the milk from the
    96    102   dairies. The same with other food products, including bread. If the electronics
    97    103   of all tractors is destroyed with an EMP, there is no equipment for gathering
    98    104   the crops from the fields and the crops need to be harvested at a specific,
    99         -relatively short, time period.<br>
   100         -</p>
          105  +relatively short, time period. If the control systems of ships, trains, trucks,
          106  +plains are attacked with malware, there's nothing to use for bringing food from
          107  +other regions of the planet.</p>
   101    108   
   102         -<p><br>
   103         -</p>
          109  +<p>Of course, no rational explanation beats psychology, so You may tell the
          110  +dinosaurs about the meteor all You want and You change nothing.&nbsp;</p>