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Changes to "Action Plan" between 2016-11-13 11:32:18 and 2016-11-13 11:33:06

    13     13   distant memory regions of the HDD/RAM/some-slow-USB, there must be some SQLite3
    14     14   database that has a table with relative file paths and the file basenames. The
    15     15   silktorrent packets have to be verified before insertion.) </i><font color="#008000">Current
    16     16   latest milestone release allows to create/unpack and verify the Silktorrent
    17     17   packets, but to keep the file system usage fast, the files must be distributed
    18     18   to different folders, like the Doxygen project does. The naive solution that
    19     19   distributes them to different folders, is the one that is currently missing,
    20         -but, for a few thousand files it is possible to get by without it.</font></li>
           20  +but, for a few thousand hundred-MiB-sized files it is probably possible to get
           21  +by without it.</font></li>
    21     22   <li>The USB-stick tunnel implementation will be the core of many, if not all,
    22     23   network based tunnels. Implement a gateway component to many network based
    23     24   tunnels. Metadata like "suggested-deletion-timestamp" is tunnel implementation
    24     25   specific and must be closely tied to authentication.</li>
    25     26   <li>Write a Ruby application that implements a timeline-graph command line
    26     27   utility. The utility is expected to use the silktorrent_fs_storage_t1 for
    27     28   storing the packages and an SQLite database for the index. The SQLite database