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     9      9   
    10     10   <h1>Fundamental Requirements for Trade</h1>
    11     11   
    12     12   <div>The thing to keep in mind with that project is that if one were to create
    13     13   a simple, plain, screw in stead of a computer system, then one would probably
    14     14   fail to do it without depending on others, without trading, because metal for
    15     15   the screw either has to come from something recycled or has to be bought from
    16         -somebody else, unless one starts to think, how to mine iron ore and process it,
           16  +somebody else, unless one starts to think, how to
           17  +<a href="">mine iron ore and process it</a>,
    17     18   which is inaccessibly huge task and requires huge investments to mining
    18     19   equipment or travelling. Therefore the <b>production of custom hardware depends
    19     20   on free movement of physical goods</b>, which can be effectively limited, as
    20     21   the Soviet Union era demonstrated. The 2. World War and Soviet Union era also
    21     22   demonstrated that it is possible to hide/store equipment, weapons, books,
    22     23   blue-black-white flags to areas, that are not bombed to the ground. It is a
    23     24   FACT that by mere chance some of those items, including functional firearms,