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    52     52   considerable percentage of the robbed assets to the slackers. Unfortunately the
    53     53   top executives of the banks are psychopathic poodles, who do not fight for the
    54     54   rights of banks to keep their client's account details secret, nor do they do
    55     55   hardly anything to make it possible to use the services of the banks for online
    56     56   trade without some absolute nonsense legal burdens. The 2016 banking sector in
    57     57   Europe is just plain disgusting. Crypto-currency is often times useless,
    58     58   because it can not be exchanged for the currency that is used locally for
    59         -paying for basic living expenses like electricity, food, utilities.</div>
           59  +paying for basic living expenses like electricity, food, utilities. In case of
           60  +money the drones should include a money burning equipment to be able to burn
           61  +the money and dump the un-burnable bits prior capture by the Supermafia.</div>
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