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Changes to "Application Example: Silktorrent Package Manager" between 2017-10-08 06:56:57 and 2017-10-08 07:02:26

    60     60   and the classical comments that start with the # and/or //</b> . A path from
    61     61   the file system directory tree leaf to the file system directory tree root is
    62     62   allowed to contain N_find_stblob_txt instances of the find_stblob.txt, where
    63     63   the&nbsp;</div>
    64     64   
    65     65   <div><br>
    66     66   </div>
    67         -<pre>&nbsp; &nbsp; N_find_stblob_txt is in range <a href="/cgi-bin/tree1/technology/flaws/silktorrent.bash/wiki?name=0%2C+%26lt%3Bnumber+of+vertices+on+the+path%26gt%3B">0, &lt;number of vertices on the path&gt;</a></pre>
           67  +<pre>&nbsp; &nbsp; N_find_stblob_txt is in range \[0, &amp;lt;number of vertices on the path&amp;gt;\]</pre>
    68     68   
    69     69   <div>The find_stblob.txt does not need to be static, for example, its content
    70     70   may change multiple times per second.&nbsp;<b>stblob-files that are listed at
    71     71   the find_stblob.txt are NOT guaranteed to be present and stblob-files are
    72     72   allowed to go offline in the midst of their download sessions. </b>In the case
    73     73   of data storage devices like USB sticks and DVDs the web server and internet
    74     74   connection parts are &nbsp;omitted and the client is meant to read the