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    37     37   supermafia security agencies is a minority, which sets a limit, how much other
    38     38   people they are able to kidnap and torture. Slaughterhouses for successfully
    39     39   killing hens, chickens, have been developed by private sector, but an automated
    40     40   torturing line, where people are tortured by robots like cars are manufactured
    41     41   in car factories assumes an IT project and it takes a bit of preparation to get
    42     42   it done and tested, so may be there could be some cooperation with private
    43     43   security firms, who would mount a sabotage attack on the torture line and plain
    44         -physically blow up the equipment at the torturing plant. <font color="#ff0000">If
           44  +physically blow up the equipment at the torturing plant. Most likely
           45  +countermeasures that can be retroactively applied is to mount an assassination
           46  +attack against the torturers/kidnappers and the political chain of command
           47  +that, if not ordered, then at least allowed it to happen out of neglect.&nbsp;<font color="#ff0000">If
    45     48   You think that this text here is a stretch, then please, please do try to
    46     49   remember, what other cases from the 2. World War and later history sounded like
    47     50   a stretch at first glance, but ended up being perfectly true.</font></div>
    48     51   
    49     52   <div><br>
    50     53   </div>
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