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Changes to "Marketing Scheme" between 2016-11-17 10:15:46 and 2016-11-17 10:25:14

   103    103   of all tractors is destroyed with an EMP, there is no equipment for gathering
   104    104   the crops from the fields and the crops need to be harvested at a specific,
   105    105   relatively short, time period. If the control systems of ships, trains, trucks,
   106    106   plains are attacked with malware, there's nothing to use for bringing food from
   107    107   other regions of the planet.</p>
   108    108   
   109    109   <p>Of course, no rational explanation beats psychology, so <b>one may tell the
   110         -dinosaurs about the asteroid all one wants and still change nothing. It is
   111         -important that one self has something against the meteor or its consequences.</b></p>
          110  +dinosaurs about the <a href="">asteroid</a> all one wants and
          111  +still change nothing. It is important that one self has something against the
          112  +meteor or its consequences.</b></p>