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Changes to "Marketing Scheme" between 2016-07-18 23:42:21 and 2016-07-18 23:42:49

     1         -<p>For the majority of people the Silktorrent applications as robustness
            1  +<p><br>
            2  +</p>
            3  +
            4  +<p>For the majority of people the <b>Silktorrent applications as robustness
     2      5   oriented applications will never be able to compete with applications that are
     3         -optimized for end user comfort. There does not exist even a goal to make
            6  +optimized for end user comfort</b>. There does not exist even a goal to make
     4      7   everybody use Silktorrent. The marketing scheme is that a small number of
     5      8   security conscious people adopt the Silktorrent and keep their systems working
     6      9   with Silktorrent, offering continuous testing of it as a side effect, and when
     7     10   the traditional Internet becomes unusable also to other types of audience, then
     8     11   the members of those other types of audience can buy consultancy services from
     9     12   the security conscious people and the&nbsp;security conscious people install a
    10     13   Silktorrent based systems to their clients.</p>