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     1      1   <p><b>The main property, where the Silktorrent differs from the other similar
     2      2   projects is that its algorithm is modular.</b> The modularity of its
     3      3   implementation is at least as granular as its algorithm.</p>
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            8  +<h1>Algorithm</h1>
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           10  +<p>Silktorrent packets are tar-files that have a name that contains the size of
           11  +the file and at least one cryptogaphically secure hash of that tar-file. The
           12  +reason, why tar is used in stead of tar.gz, zip, xz, etc. is that multi-TiB
           13  +files that consist of only regular patterns, may be all zeros or all ones, can
           14  +be compressed to a very small file and that kind of file can be used for
           15  +DoS-attacking computers that run software that unpacks the compression result.
           16  +The Silktorret packet contains folders "header" and "payload". The folder
           17  +"header" contains a file "salt.txt" or "salt.blob", which slightly salts also
           18  +the size of the Silktorrent package and allows the same payload to be
           19  +transported by different Silktorrent packages. The idea is that when one
           20  +package name is blacklisted by censors, the same payload can be distributed by
           21  +using a different Silktorrent package.</p>
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     8     26   <p><a href="">Specification_v_1_0</a><br>
     9     27   </p>