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    13     13   prohibitively large pretty quickly</b>. Even, if formal verification were
    14     14   possible, the <b>behavior of software packages can depend on hardware</b>,
    15     15   which varies between different users. If hardware is guaranteed to be the same
    16     16   for all users, for example, if all users use a specific version of the
    17     17   Raspberry Pi, then the fact that <b>compile-time parameters depend on the
    18     18   previously installed packages can be countered by installing all packages of
    19     19   the package collection in the exact order that they were compiled and tested at
    20         -test server.&nbsp;</b></p>
           20  +test server</b>, but even then the test server at least partly relies on the
           21  +tests that have been supplied with the software package, by the software
           22  +package creator, which may be a different person than the author of the
           23  +packaged software. It is possible for the software packager to accompany the
           24  +upstream deliverables with its own, additional, tests.</p>
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    22     26   <p><br>
    23     27   </p>
    24     28   
    25     29   <h1>Hardware Related Observations</h1>
    26     30   
    27     31   <p></p>