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    61     61   applications to them is probably more trouble than it's worth. It is perfectly
    62     62   OK, if only the more innovative people at the civil society have the
    63     63   Silktorrent at their disposal. The rest will probably have to just drag along
    64     64   at their own pace. <b>The Tier 2 Early Adopters are expected to get only those
    65     65   versions of the Silktorrent that the Tier 1 Early Adopters have been using for
    66     66   at least 1 year without finding any major flaws. The Tier 2 Early Adopters are
    67     67   expected to receive Silktorrent updates about once in 3 years.</b></p>
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           75  +<h1>Propaganda for Privacy</h1>
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           77  +<p>In addition to psychology based ignorance of IT-security issues, for
           78  +example, the ignorance of speech recording malware in mobile phones, people,
           79  +who do not have any technical IT background <i>(non-technical IT personnel
           80  +examples include user support and cabling builders)</i>&nbsp;tend to think of
           81  +their living environment as something that does not depend on IT that much or
           82  +they believe that the electronic &nbsp;equipment that is not connected to the
           83  +internet and the totally non-electronic equipment, for example, coffee cups,
           84  +chairs, milk, bread, apples, are not really effected by IT-security. <b>The key
           85  +thing to explain is, how the availability and properties of the non-electronic
           86  +daily consumables depends on IT-security.&nbsp;</b></p>
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           88  +<p>For example, if the electronics of milking robots are destroyed by an EMP,
           89  +then the only way to get all of the cows milked is to do it with some old
           90  +milking machines that do not have any electronics in them or to milk the cows
           91  +even more manually. People, who want to drink milk and get their milk from
           92  +local grocery stores, need IT-security at the milking robot side, at the dairy,
           93  +where milk packaging robots reside, at the computers of those people, who plan
           94  +the logistics of the milk gathering, at the computers of the grocery store
           95  +officials, who order the milk from the dairies. The same with other food
           96  +products, including bread. If the electronics of all tractors is destroyed with
           97  +an EMP, there is no equipment for gathering the crops from the fields and the
           98  +crops need to be harvested at a specific, relatively short, time period.<br>
           99  +</p>
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