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    44     44   too high, some initial symmetric cryptography keys and the M_0 might be sent by
    45     45   using snail-mail. Snail-mail has various different channels and part of the
    46     46   cryptography keys might be sent through one channel, part through another and
    47     47   if all of the channels are used at once, the eavesdroppers might be
    48     48   overwhelmed, because they might run out of resources to
    49     49   break/intercept/demand-with-a-court-order all different parcel delivery
    50     50   services at once. On the other hand, sending paper with bitstreams is also
    51         -"legal".&nbsp;</p>
           51  +"legal". <b>Physical exchange of objects is never anonymous</b>, because the
           52  +sender of the object, even, if drop sites are used, can use trackers, send
           53  +poisons or bombs, etc. The anonymity that was used by the Cold War spies of the
           54  +United States and/or Soviet Union, was a <b>cooperative anonymity</b>, where
           55  +the spy wanted its co-workers to stay anonymous from the spy, but at 21.
           56  +century <b>non-cooperative anonymity is required</b>.</p>
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    53     58   <p><br>
    54     59   </p>
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    57     62   </p>