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     6      6   <p>The latest milestone release main deployment deliverable is a single
     7      7   <a href="./artifact/433efaa35a360ddc">Bash script</a>. If it is executed
     8      8   without any command line arguments, then it prints out its usage instructions.</p>
     9      9   
    10     10   <p><br>
    11     11   </p>
    12     12   
    13         -<h1>Instructions for Silktorrent Developers</h1>
           13  +<h1>How to get a copy of this Fossil Repository</h1>
           14  +
           15  +<p>In an ideal world this whole <b><font color="#ff0000">~40GiB</font></b>
           16  +Fossil repository could be cloned, but in practice the cloning of this
           17  +repository accesses the SQLite database of this Fossil repository's online
           18  +instance and although the SQLite is able to hold huge volumes of data, it does
           19  +not withstand the number of threads that get started by web spiders and cloners
           20  +all at once. The temporary database locking causes an error during the cloning
           21  +and therefore the way to get a copy of this Fossil repository MIGHT BE to copy
           22  +a slightly modified version of it from&nbsp;</p>
           23  +
           24  +<p><a href=""></a><br>
           25  +</p>
           26  +
           27  +<p>Its difference from the <a href="">online
           28  +version</a> is that its passwords have been changed, so that hopefully it
           29  +should not be possible to get the passwords from the downloadable file and then
           30  +log in to the online version.</p>
           31  +
           32  +<p><br>
           33  +</p>
           34  +
           35  +<h1>If this Repository were clonable, then ...</h1>
    14     36   
    15     37   <p>All of the development deliverables can be downloaded by cloning this Fossil
    16     38   repository. <font color="#ff0000">The cloning can take hours and it requires at
    17     39   least 40GiB of HDD space.</font> The recommended way to <b>anonymously clone</b>
    18     40   the Silktorrent Fossil repository is to run the following Bash line:</p>
    19     41   <pre>    mkdir -p ./tmp_; SQLITE_TMPDIR=`pwd`/tmp_ time nice -n18 fossil clone --unversioned &nbsp;  ./silktorrent.fossilrepository</pre>
    20     42