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Changes to "Experiment: mmmv_microbot_crypto_t1" between 2017-04-25 13:06:25 and 2017-04-25 13:07:51

     1      1   <p><font color="#ff0000"><b>The mmmv_microbot_crypto_t1 has been superseded by
     2         -mmmv_shallowcrypt_t1</b></font>, which is part of the mmmv_devel_tools.</p>
            2  +mmmv_shallowcrypt_t1</b></font>, which is part of the
            3  +<a href="">mmmv_devel_tools</a>.</p>
     3      4   
     4      5   <p>The <b>mmmv_microbot_crypto_t1 is a microcontroller C library</b> that works
     5      6   with 8bit MCUs.&nbsp;The aim of the mmmv_microbot_crypto_t1 is to maximize
     6      7   cryptographic strength and <b>availability at as many microcontrollers as
     7      8   possible, while minimizing electrical power consumption and computational power
     8      9   requirements.</b> It is up to the client code developers to decide, what their
     9     10   minimum acceptable cryptographic strength is, how much electrical power and