Changes To Project Risks
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Initial version of "Project Risks"

            1  +<p>
            2  +<ul>
            3  +<li>Computers of developers are compromised, so that the project deliverables
            4  +contain malware or the project deliverables lack proper security measures.&nbsp;<b>Countermeasures:
            5  +have backup copies at different machines, diff the different backups and try to
            6  +use the classical intrusion countermeasures.</b></li>
            7  +<li>Developers of censorship free communication tools are hunted down like
            8  +weapons manufacturers and drug dealers. (Think of China, Soviet Union, etc.)
            9  +<b>Countermeasures: legislation is always slower than technology development,
           10  +so the infrastructure must be completed and distributed before its distribution
           11  +and development becomes illegal.</b></li>
           12  +</ul></p>