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Changes to "Experiment: mmmv_silkexec" between 2017-01-07 17:17:43 and 2017-01-07 17:29:02

    32     32   narrow contexts, enemies can be more trustworthy than friends. For example,
    33     33   enemies might have a good track record of fine skills and being rigorous and
    34     34   they might use some component, software package, at some security wise
    35     35   extremely critical role, while being very rigorous at the construction of their
    36     36   software component.<br>
    37     37   </p>
    38     38   
    39         -<p><br>
    40         -</p>
           39  +<p>Given that
           40  +<a href="">the
           41  +only proper way to verify/review code is a fully automated way</a>, there has
           42  +to be a way to subscribe to the testing/verification system of the trusted
           43  +parties. To avoid a Denial of Service attack by hacking into the
           44  +testing/verification systems of one of the trusted parties, the local settings
           45  +of the mmmv_silkexec should treat a test failure of a formerly accepted
           46  +component as a timed warning, where the warning state moves to a blocked/failed
           47  +state with a delay. The delay gives the trusted party time to handle the hack.</p>
    41     48   
    42     49   <p><br>
    43     50   </p>