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Location and Schedule

The meeting will occur Thursday-Friday, May 8-9 at Georgia Tech, Atlanta GA.

Update: Meeting room: Van Lear building, room 218

Update: Start at 9am Thursday. (the first presentation will be the ns-3 Consortium Annual Meeting presentation and discussion)

A more detailed schedule will be posted at a later date but the schedule will be primarily driven by who is attending and what everyone proposes to discuss.

Local Information

See information regarding WNS3 and ns-3 training local information about Georgia Tech and surroundings.

Remote attendance

Google Hangout, please email if interested to be invited.


Please add your name here if you intend to attend, and which days.

Who Thu Fri
Peter Barnes
Daniel Lertpratchya
Brian Swenson
Jared Ivey
Tommaso Pecorella

(depends on time difference, local time: UTC+2)

John Abraham
Budiarto Herman

Suggested agenda/topics

Please list suggested discussion topics below and we will build a schedule at a later date. Please also suggest 'read-ahead' items as needed.

  • Object Start/Stop progress
  • WiFi interaction between 802.11n and 802.11p features
  • Memory scaling (PDB)
  • ns-3 Windows port

Meeting Notes

Posted here.