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Matrix Static


git clone or download this repository as an archive and extract then follow below instructions.

go get
go build -o bin/ ./cmd/...


docker build -t matrix-static .
docker run -v $(pwd)/config.json:/opt/matrix-static/config.json -p 8000:8000 -it matrix-static

or for windows:

docker run -v %cd%/config.json:/opt/matrix-static/config.json -p 8000:8000 -it matrix-static

and pass any command line arguments to the end of the command.


First you must create a config, there is a sample json file provided or you can use the helper binary register-guest to register a guest on a given homeserver and write an appropriate config file.

register-guest takes the following options:

--config-file= to specify the config file, defaulting to ./config.json.

--homeserver-url= to specify the Homeserver URL to use, defaulting to

The main binary, matrix-static exhibits the following controls:

Accepts PORT= env variable to determine what port to use, defaulting to port 8000 if one is not specified. Will panic if port is in use.

Accepts the following command line arguments:

--config-file= to specify the config file, defaulting to ./config.json.

--enable-pprof if set, enables the /debug/pprof endpoints for debugging.

--enable-prometheus-metrics if set, enables the /metrics endpoint for metrics.

--num-workers= to specify the number of worker goroutines to start, defaults to 32.

--public-serve-prefix= to specify the router prefix to use for the user-facing html-serving routes, defaults to /.

--logger-directory to specify where the output logs should go.

--cache-ttl to specify how long since last access to keep a room in memory and up to date for, defaults to 30 minutes.

--cache-min-rooms to specify the minimum number of rooms to always keep in memory, defaults to 10.


Currently hosted at

Discussion Matrix Room is