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Blackfriday is a Markdown processor implemented in Go. It is paranoid about its input (so you can safely feed it user-supplied data), it is fast, it supports common extensions (tables, smart punctuation substitutions, etc.), and it is safe for all utf-8 (unicode) input.

HTML output is currently supported, along with Smartypants extensions. An experimental LaTeX output engine is also included.

It started as a translation from C of Sundown.


Blackfriday is compatible with Go 1. If you are using an older release of Go, consider using v1.1 of blackfriday, which was based on the last stable release of Go prior to Go 1. You can find it as a tagged commit on github.

With Go 1 and git installed:

go get

will download, compile, and install the package into your $GOPATH directory hierarchy. Alternatively, you can achieve the same if you import it into a project:

import ""

and go get without parameters.


For basic usage, it is as simple as getting your input into a byte slice and calling:

output := blackfriday.MarkdownBasic(input)

This renders it with no extensions enabled. To get a more useful feature set, use this instead:

output := blackfriday.MarkdownCommon(input)

Sanitize untrusted content

Blackfriday itself does nothing to protect against malicious content. If you are dealing with user-supplied markdown, we recommend running blackfriday's output through HTML sanitizer such as Bluemonday.

Here's an example of simple usage of blackfriday together with bluemonday:

import (

// ...
unsafe := blackfriday.MarkdownCommon(input)
html := bluemonday.UGCPolicy().SanitizeBytes(unsafe)

Custom options

If you want to customize the set of options, first get a renderer (currently either the HTML or LaTeX output engines), then use it to call the more general Markdown function. For examples, see the implementations of MarkdownBasic and MarkdownCommon in markdown.go.

You can also check out blackfriday-tool for a more complete example of how to use it. Download and install it using:

go get

This is a simple command-line tool that allows you to process a markdown file using a standalone program. You can also browse the source directly on github if you are just looking for some example code:

Note that if you have not already done so, installing blackfriday-tool will be sufficient to download and install blackfriday in addition to the tool itself. The tool binary will be installed in $GOPATH/bin. This is a statically-linked binary that can be copied to wherever you need it without worrying about dependencies and library versions.


All features of Sundown are supported, including:


In addition to the standard markdown syntax, this package implements the following extensions:

Other renderers

Blackfriday is structured to allow alternative rendering engines. Here are a few of note:



Blackfriday is distributed under the Simplified BSD License