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9 ticket changes

2019-06-18 21:33 New ticket [8cfa071b82] Speedoptimize/fix the current stblob creation Bash script. artifact: 40e66d420a user: martin_vahi
2018-12-30 13:33 Ticket [c60a0ce333] Implement the mmmv_distributed_archive_t1 status still Open with 5 other changes artifact: 45dcc47105 user: martin_vahi
2018-12-19 11:26 New ticket [c60a0ce333]. artifact: e2926262e8 user: martin_vahi
2016-02-02 22:39 Ticket [18cc133b78] Channel Gateway status still Open with 5 other changes artifact: d507125b56 user: martin_vahi
2016-02-02 22:38 New ticket [18cc133b78]. artifact: 073d772ad4 user: martin_vahi
2015-04-11 03:05 New ticket [a6936aa646] MAGNET URI API. artifact: 1acde55fcd user: martin_vahi
2015-04-10 23:49 Ticket [d3b9d01571] Automated Battery Exchange for Dronemail Drones status still Open with 3 other changes artifact: dd82cf0495 user: martin_vahi
2015-04-10 23:37 Ticket [d3b9d01571]: 5 changes artifact: 048ba1a07c user: martin_vahi
2015-04-10 23:36 New ticket [d3b9d01571]. artifact: 157a77894a user: martin_vahi