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Robbing and Looting

Plain Blocking


Historic Events

Selective Censorship

Psychological Methods Based Censorship

Bugged CPU

An Environment, Where Human Lives are Expendable

Exploitation Motivated Secrecy, Including the Censorship of Technical and Scientific Information

Obstacles to the Privacy Violations Audits

Use of Privacy Protection Social Demands("laws") as an excuse for Censorship

Low Quality of the Network Infrastructure and the low Quality of the Power Supply Infrastructure

If the network of the Internet Service Providers(ISPs) stops functioning due to power failures that result from storm damages, then the end result is as if someone had intentionally taken down the whole network. That kind of series of events happened in Estonia in 2019_10_29, where the cellphone network kept operating, but both, the mobile internet and cable based internet were down. Land-line phones were also out of order, because if the internet is down, then the Voice-over-IP(VoIP) does not work. Obviously, no card payments are possible, if the internet is down.

Omission from Historical Records

Some Vague Collections of References