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General Background

The search phrase is "P2P cloud storage".

Wikipedia entry.

Live Projects

NexentaStor, storj.io, Symform, Space Monkey,

Freenet, Cryptosphere, Outernet, I2P,

Netsukuku WiFi network, Chrimera P2P network,

RetroShare, OneSwarm, Ceph(probably needs serious security related work before use),

The Free Network Foundation (Introduction) 

Conquelicot (archival copy of the introduction), coquelicot-0.9.5.tar.gz, .asc

InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), Storj, Blockstack,

ZeroNet, BigchainDB, Nextcloud,

WebTorrent (is decentralized, but lacks anonymity), 


Aqua/Herd Project (paper_1paper_2)

Failed or Otherwise dead Projects

JXSE P2P implementation in Java,

Wuala(archive), ANts P2P, MUTE

Implementation Component Candidates

Apache Kafka

Some Scientific Articles

Some Relevant Collections and References

P2P FoundationPlanet Peer

Collections that have gone Offline


Projects that aim to Solve a Different Problem, but are Technology wise Interesting References

Some Projects that Have Similar Ideology