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Date: 2016-08-08 15:28:21
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Encryption is not outlawed(local copy), but P2P technology is outlawed and the encrypted P2P data streams are blocked/banned or require licensing. (The majority of the people just accept whatever is coming to them. That fact alone guarantees that if the P2P-ban is applied before the passive masses start to depend on P2P in their daily lives, then any attempt to explain that the world could be different if there were no P2P-ban, is a totally lost battle. The possibility to "license" a P2P-protocol allows Skype to continue working, while allowing BitTorrent and Tor to be banned. Games can reroute their updates through Skype and the "license" of the Skype P2P protocol requires Skype to apply state censorship to whatever is being routed through Skype.)

Countermeasures: create private physical networks that do not depend on traditional Internet Service Providers (ISP-s). As those will also probably be outlawed or bugged by law, just like the 2016 traditional ISP-s are bugged, the private physical networks have to be made very mobile and dynamic, so that they can quickly launch and disappear "without a trace" and the connectivity is provided by a probabilistic connection. The more private networks there are, the greater the uptime of the probabilistic connection. Steganography might also work, until the steganography counter-measures reduce the service quality of various channels like the copyright law has reduced the service quality of many 2016 online applications.

Computers of developers are compromised, so that the project deliverables contain malware or the project deliverables lack proper security measures. 

Countermeasures: have backup copies at different machines, diff the different backups and try to use the classical intrusion countermeasures.

Developers get killed or tortured by the CIA or other agencies of various supermafias. (It does not even matter, if they do it secretly or  totally publicly, because the mobs just could not care less.)

Countermeasures are missing. Usually the super-mafiosi, the professional politicians, do not care about civil liberties or human rights, as long as their salary is good and job secure and their job will always be secure, because in Democracy the one with the greatest campaign budget wins. However, there is a limit that the number of people working in the various supermafia security agencies is a minority, which sets a limit, how much other people they are able to kidnap and torture. Slaughterhouses for successfully killing hens, chickens, have been developed by private sector, but an automated torturing line, where people are tortured by robots like cars are manufactured in car factories assumes an IT project and it takes a bit of preparation to get it done and tested, so may be there could be some cooperation with private security firms, who would mount a sabotage attack on the torture line and plain physically blow up the equipment at the torturing plant. Most likely countermeasures that can be retroactively applied is to mount an assassination attack against the torturers/kidnappers and the political chain of command that, if not ordered, then at least allowed it to happen out of neglect. (The purpose of the assassination attack is not retaliation, but temporary disruption of enemy operations, like with bacteria, where the infection causing bacteria are never removed totally from the blood stream, but their amount is kept at a managable level. Preparations include good overview of the potential adversaries, id est intelligence gathering must be done in advance, during piece time.) If You think that this text here is a stretch, then please, please do try to remember, what other cases from the 2. World War and later history sounded like a stretch at first glance, but ended up being perfectly true.

Developers of censorship free communication tools are hunted down like weapons manufacturers and drug dealers. (Think of China, Soviet Union, etc.). The Estonian super-mafia treats Silktorrent developers as illegal weapons manufacturers, because Siltorrent is a base technology for censorship free communication and according to the Delfi eelnõu all public forums that are published by Estonians, who do not belong to the top of the super-mafia, are prohibited. 

Countermeasures: legislation is always slower than technology development, so the infrastructure must be completed and distributed before its distribution and development becomes illegal. If possible, make the super-mafiosi themselves depend on those developers so that if they want to compete with other super-mafiosi, they have to give the brightest of the censorship free communication tools developers the freedom to operate, id est the academic freedom topic, where the only reason, why universities have any freedom at all is to avoid being out-competed by other super-mafiosi.