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Partial List of Problems that get Solved

Typosquatting(archival copy) is eliminated due to the fact that no sane person will ever start to type in the Silktorrent package names, secure hash values, manually. 

Software package repositories, rubygems/gem, npm, nuget, and scientific data collections, for example, KEGG, and media collections like the various internet archives can be made decentralized, universal, censorship tolerant.

Due to the time it takes for a radio signal to propagate between the planet Earth and the planet Mars the Silktorrent packet based software applications will be very competitive among Earth-Mars communications applications. A citation from lwn.net article (archival copy, ):

...Krekel noted that Elon Musk wants to get humanity to Mars by 2026. Do we think that 41-year-old technology like TCP/IP or the 21-year-old HTTP will work on Mars? Can you call Gmail as a web app on Mars? Someone in the audience suggested that it would just take "patience" which elicited widespread laughter. Krekel said that the protocols we have will not work on Mars.

But we already have Mars on Earth in places where internet connectivity is not all that good. In 1981, there were 300 computers connected to the internet, but now there are now billions of devices in the world that are still using this phone-based model. It turns out that's not actually true, he said, some are following other models. There are communication and synchronization mechanisms that some of these devices are using to transfer data directly between them without using the internet.