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Page Name:Experiment: mmmv_dht_t1
Date: 2017-12-17 02:24:57
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Currently this document is being edited.

The "dht" in the mmmv_dht_t1 stands for a "distributed hashtable".

Currently this specification lacks any code.

Node IDs are rational numbers. There is a set of central nodes that keep their states synchronized. The URLs or IP-addresses or IP-address analogues(hereafter: node_address) of the central nodes are pre-determined, fixed, stored with the dht software. Storage nodes generate their IDs themselves, preferably randomly, and contact at least one of the central nodes every time they, the storage nodes, boot up and join the network. The central nodes assign each storage node  a set of rational number ranges that include the IDs of the nodes that act as mailboxes for storing the "letters"/messages that are sent to the storage node. The central nodes answer queries about which storage node ID resides at which node_address. The node_ID-node_address relations are also exchanged between the storage nodes directly.

File Sharing

Countermeasures to Lying Nodes