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Page Name:Experiment: mmmv_mail_protocol_t1
Date: 2018-10-17 19:40:02
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Currently the mmmv_mail_protocol_t1 lacks any code.


The Protocol

Users U_1 ...U_n form a complete graph G_u. Graph G_uu is like G_u, except that each G_u unidirected edge is replaced with 2 directed edges, one directed edge in each direction. Each of the G_uu directed edges, E_g_uu_k, k inSet(1 to ((n*(n-1)/2)*2=n*(n-1)) ) id est k inSet(1 to (n*(n-1)), represents a virtual mail moving channel.  The users U_1..U_n have symmetric cryptography based one-time keys for each E_g_uu_k. The one-time keys have a key specific probabilistically unique key_ID and they do NOT contain any user-IDs. Each user has a database(It might be an SQLite database)that pairs the key_IDs of that user with user_IDs of other users.