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Page Name:Experiment: mmmv_linguistic_anonymizer_t1
Date: 2019-01-06 00:27:40
Original User: martin_vahi
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This experiment is currently so incomplete that it lacks both, the code and a thorough specification candidate.

The Problem

People tend to have relatively unique expression styles, which are influenced by the person's knowledge and life experience. For example, malware that uses some mathematics theory T_1 can not be written by a person, who does not know the theory T_1, unless the malware uses an interface of a component that is written by a person, who knows the theory T_1. The same with "general talk". There is no point of publishing through some "WikiLeaks", if the published text itself reveals the "leaker". 

Solution Idea

If the person, who writes the text, can be identified by the writing style, then a partial solution might be that the "leaker" (hereafter P_leaker) teaches an other person (hereafter: P_public) the material that the P_leaker wants to be leaked and the P_public writes the publishable text that contains the data that is subject to leaking. That solution does not offer anonymity to P_leaker even, if the P_public were skilled, willing and rigorous enough to keep the identity of the P_leaker a secret, because the P_public can be captured and set to delirium with chemicals, unless the P_public is not a real person, but just a copy of a software agent, a lot like speech synthesis software is.