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Instructions for Application Developers and Power Users 

The latest milestone release main deployment deliverable is a single Bash script. If it is executed without any command line arguments, then it prints out its usage instructions.

Instructions for Silktorrent Developers

All of the development deliverables can be downloaded by cloning this Fossil repository.  The recommended way to clone this Fossil repository is to use a special Bash script, mmmv_Fossil_operator_t1.bash. The Bash script prints out its usage instructions, when it is executed without giving it any command line arguments, but at least one of the versions of this Bash script MIGHT be used like this:

./mmmv_Fossil_operator_t1.bash  clone_public  http://www.softf1.com/cgi-bin/tree1/technology/flaws/silktorrent.bash

Alternatively, the whole Silktorrent Fossil repository might be cloned on Linux by copy-pasting the following 2 lines to a Bash console:

    wget http://www.softf1.com/cgi-bin/tree1/technology/flaws/silktorrent.bash/raw/work_in_progress/download_Silkotrrent_repository_and_run_local_web_server.bash?name=0d05147f510bdd5de2c1919fa039b675972e107c  --output-document=`pwd`/download_Silkotrrent_repository_and_run_local_web_server.bash
    bash ./download_Silkotrrent_repository_and_run_local_web_server.bash